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Constant Drive

Constant Drive

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Add life to your spread with the quickest manually operated decoy on the market! Our new Constant Drive decoy is fully operated by a fishing reel so you can adjust the distance you need with ease. Knotty Duck Decoys feature all stainless steel and aluminum parts to insure the quality is top notch. Not only are our decoys the fastest on the market but they are also the smoothest due to our advanced design that has been perfected for the past 16 years. 

Our decoys feature:

•  Halo fishing reel (7.2.1 Gear ratio) 

• Fishing rod handle to hold the reel

• All aluminum and stainless steel plates (NO PLASTIC PARTS) 

• 20 yards of 65lb PowerPro braid 

• 1 set of wings 

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